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The Dead Sea (in Hebrew Yam Ha-melah, meaning “Sea of Salt”) lies420 meters (1,378 ft) below sea level, making it the lowest place on earth. Itis also one of the world’s saltiest bodies… Continue reading

Long time no post

Work and life has kept me away from drawing, i recently started to draw again and im determined to get better, i was blessed to receive a Wacom tablet as a gift and… Continue reading

The Tikis

Working on a huge billboard design on the computer kept me waiting for things to load all day today, in fact as i right this im waiting for some changes to load. i… Continue reading

The Last Ollie

Illustrated this for the Art jumble blog the topic was “The grim reaper”, i wanted to illustrated him doing something fun, perhaps this is what he does in his spare time or maybe… Continue reading

Cloud Frosting

Nothing tops eating the tasty afternoon clouds for dessert after a long day of mass destruction!

Chelsea’s Summer Critters

This was an End of Summer Gift for my girlfriend who spent the majority of her summer saving critters from her evil Cat and cuddling with her massive Dog Koda

Illustration Friday: Atmosphere

The Rock Golem cannon balls into the earth’s atmosphere expectant of what awaits for him in his new home.

Some Sketches

i knew the topics for todays Sketchathon at Sketchoholic but i couldn’t fully participate since i was stuck in a meeting all afternoon, during my college years i develop the bad habit of… Continue reading

Ghost Ride

The boys From WestPond Customs Ghost ride their way to the Race against the Rabbit

Illustration Friday: Caged

The circus freaks decide to finally scape, they want a future that doesn’t involve being caged. in this piece i wanted to try developing some characters, i had lots of fun creating this… Continue reading