The Singer

My friend Rando Camasta, an Indie Singer here in Santo Domingo asked me to do an Illustration of him, i accepted the Challenge but the truth is that achieving likeness has never been my forte let alone making it look Cartoony, ive always been amazed at how  awesome illustrators are able to make the most abstract caricatures of people and you still know its them, even after turning them into an animal  you still know its them. like Pablo Lobato, the guy is so good at this is not even funny.

All in all this wasa huge step outside of my comfort zone and after a while trying to figure out that made my Friend be Him i started noticing his characteristic traits, turns out that after a while i knew what went where so as i started to try different styles the all kinda looked like.

Needless to say i am very happy about this, and im very happy that i did it, i wanna get even better at this,  but im happy with the end resul and i know my buddy will like it too