Ghost Ride

As i was walking the other day i kept thinking about the concept “Fast” and what i would do to illustrate it, i remember the story about the rabbit and the turtle, a classic and i dont know how i remember my friend bryan Post Explaining me what a Ghost ride was. and Bam, the idea was in my Head, the turtles from West Pond Customs Ghost Raiding their way towards the Race against the rabbit with their pimped out Shell.
This was the first version i did, and honestly im just playing around, trying to see whats possible and learning as i go, i was reminded how important it is to have a wacom since illustrating non vector art with a mouse is like doing penmanship with a bar of soap, i showed this to my friend Cesar Bido and he told me that the concept didnt match the style, that i needed stronger colors and an Urban scene since the whole car culture is very Urban, so i went back, did some more inking to ad that comic like feel to it and again realized i need a wacom, dont get me wrong ive seen people doing wonders wiht a mouse, i guess im not one of those. over all im happy with this exercise, i wanna work more on my inks, and my lighting on both vector and non vector illustrations, but this is what its all about, Learning, leearning learning, and then learn some more.

If west pond customs were working for other fairy tales, tall tales and folk tales, who do you think would give em some work???