Some Sketches

i knew the topics for todays Sketchathon at Sketchoholic but i couldn’t fully participate since i was stuck in a meeting all afternoon, during my college years i develop the bad habit of doodling while listening to people, i trully stay focused and paying attention to others when im doodling. anyway i sketched through the meeting and this are the sketches i came up with

The topic for this one as magic hat, instead of growing the obvious way i wanted to create and ancient hat that granted its bearer powers, and what better setting for this than the mayan culture! i now know how much more work i need with my human anatomy but im proud of this one since i did a sketch with a real sense of movement, i definitely want more of this in my work 🙂

The topic for this fellahs here was ” Strange looking bird” so we have a Running bird that never lifts its head of the ground because of its heavy beak, he have a surfing looking bird with fully functional wings on his neck, on the bottom its a lil guy whos beak also doubles as a helmet and last but not least a frog like bird that inflates 3 bags on his neck, kinda like a frog.

i really enjoyed coming up with this birds, hope you enjoy em too, whats your favorite one? leave a comment 🙂