The Singer

My friend Rando Camasta, an Indie Singer here in Santo Domingo asked me to do an Illustration of him, i accepted the Challenge but the truth is that achieving likeness has never been… Continue reading

Banjo Master

I had an other idea for the Banjo Pigs Blog i personally think its awesome to work on different characters under the exact same topic, its a wonderful exercise. this time around i wanted… Continue reading

Illustration Friday: Artificial

I will always remember the flat days when we would surf Big Dave’s Artificial Waves

Summer Days

Having fun out in the sun, playing around in the water, to me, thats what summer is all about


Water & Sound waves

So i had a really cool chance to work with an organization called International youth initiative, this organization tries t oimpact the lives of the young ones through positive leadership and role models,… Continue reading

Illustration Friday- Double

If you want to be the king of the Dock, you’ve got to Fight “Double-o-Punch”

Dueling Banjo Pigs: Banjolele

I Discovered the Banjo Pigs site yesterday and i loved the idea behind it, needless to say i decided to Join the fray with this relaxed Samoan Boar playing the Banjo after an… Continue reading

Orange Monster Logo Design

A Film production company called Montruo Mamey (Orange Monster) had me design their logo, naturally i took the letter M and turned it into an Artsy Monster Director. we ended up taking a… Continue reading

Goni Goni Fly

The Goni Goni fly has a very slim body that resembles a razor blade, thus the nickname ¨Razor flies¨ for this funny looking fellas